Workplace Giving

We know that when you take the time to give, you want simple and convenient options.

To accommodate this request, Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity partners with area employers to allow their employees the option of giving through the workplace.

Regular contributions from hardworking employees and their employers make a big impact over time by helping families build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

Make a donation and double your impact with your employer’s matching gift

Many employers will match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees’ spouses.

Does your company participate? We have an easy-to-use search tool that lets you see if your employer will match your Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity donation.

Employers can join Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity’s workplace giving program

The Gift that Builds is an opportunity for companies and their employees to get hands-on with their support for Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity. This can be through volunteerism, donations and advocacy.

Whether you want to start a new campaign or add Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity to your company’s existing campaign, contact Robert Holz of the Gift that Builds team at 440-226-3000 or email info@LakeGeaugaHabitat.org to learn more about the tools you need and options for different levels of involvement.

Join an existing workplace giving campaign

Each year thousands of employees are given the opportunity to direct a portion of their paycheck to the charities of their choice through workplace giving campaigns. You can help us serve more families in need of safe, affordable housing by directing your workplace contribution to Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity.

Contact your employer to find out how to get involved in workplace giving or find out if your employer matches gifts to Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity.

State and local government employees

Over 100 state and local workplace campaigns currently participate, so check to see if we are listed.

Contact us

For questions or additional information about workplace giving or matching gifts, please email partner@lakegeaugahabitat.org.

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Employer matching gifts FAQ

Learn more about how you can double your impact through employer matching gifts to help us serve more families in need of safe, affordable housing.

My company does not match employee donations to Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity. Is there anything I can do?

Absolutely. If your company does not currently match employee donations to Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity, ask it to do so. Together, you and your employer can help build more homes for people in need.

How do I submit a match for a donation I’ve made online?

After you make your online gift to Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity, you will receive a thank you email with your donation receipt. On that email, look for the Find your employer search box. When you find your employer, complete the matching gift request form and submit to your Human Resources or matching gift department. Many employers will match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees’ spouses.

How do I match a donation I made to the Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity?

Please select the Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity name in your company’s matching gift Web registration OR if applicable, send your matching gift form to our mailing address. Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity is not able to verify your original donation or process your matching gift request.

How long will it take for Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity to receive my company match?

Anywhere from one month to one year. Please inquire with your company about their payout dates and matching gift deadlines.

What Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity information might I need to fill out my company’s matching gift form?

  • Employer Identification Number: 34-1715023
  • Organization Mailing Address: 100 Parker Court, Suite 6, Chardon, OH 44024
  • Phone: 440-226-3000
  • Email address: Partner@lakegeaugahabitat.org
  • Website: lake-geaugahabitat.org
  • Organization type: Civic, Health and Human Service, Shelter

What does match ratio mean?

  • 1:1 means your employer will match your donations dollar for dollar.
  • 2:1 means they will contribute two dollars for every dollar donated.
  • .50:1 means they will contribute 50 cents for every dollar donated, and so forth.

Have more questions?

Contact Robert Holz at 440-226-3000 or Partner@lakegeaugahabitat.org

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