Jennifer Muny

HR/Administrative Director
Chemsultants International Inc.


I currently manage the HR and IT functions for Chemsultants Intl. Inc. and ChemInstruments Inc. These companies were founded by my father, Richard P. Muny, beginning in 1986. International Sales is managed by my mother, Judy Muny and Keith Muny, my brother, is president of ChemInstruments Inc. Together, we successfully manage a group of worldwide experts in adhesive development and testing.

Chemsultants is different than other “research”, product development or testing labs. Our scientists do it all specializing in developing innovative new products and complete technology packages for companies around the world. You probably use products every day that have been developed and tested in our labs for over 25 years. We grew up with the Industry and we know product performance is critical. That’s also why the ChemInstruments line of testing equipment was developed to test and measure the performance of a wide variety of adhesives and materials in research and production settings