Brian Jeckering
President, Chief Executive Officer at Polychem Corporation
Owner Polychem Corporation

December 1998 – Present (18 years 3 months)Mentor, OH

Polychem Corporation manufacturers polyester and polypropylene strapping for a variety of industrial applications including corrugated, can & bottle, lumber, brick, fiber, general industrial, etc. Through its division, Evergreen Plastics, Polychem recycles PET soda and water bottles for use as raw material. In addition, Evergreen reprocesses recycled polyesters in pellets which can be used in food applications again (NOL). Polychem has an active investment philosophy in order to provide additional value for its customer base. The investments completed are as follows: 2003: Acquired a controlling position in OMS America LLC in order to sell large strapping systems; in 2006 acquired a minority position in Itatools Srl (Italy) which manufactures battery and pneumatic strapping tools, in 2008 acquired a minority position in OMStrap which manufactures polyester and polypropylene strapping in Biella, Italy; in 2010 acquired Anderson Enterprises which manufactures wear parts for strapping machines; in 2010 acquired FDM Corporation and merged it with OMS America to form Polychem OMS Systems which manufactures some equipment locally and imports equipment; in 2010 acquired a minority interest in Encore Packaging LLC which manufactures strapping hand tools and accessories, and in 2011 acquired a controlling interest in RC Packaging Systems LLC which manufactures cord strapping which is a complimentary product to Polychem’s core product line.